Expertise in
customized air technology

We design, optimize, supply and maintain industrial air systems for the treatment of process air, such as the processing and handling of solids.

Our air technology purpose:

- Eliminating air pollution

- Secure healthy and safe work environments

- Product quality

- Process efficiency



Founded in 1985, Airtechnic Solutions has always focused on designing and improving air technological systems for industrial applications in the field of powder processing and process air treatment.
As a system integrator and system creator, we realize complete projects under our own control and deliver turn-key solutions, with a single point of contact for each project.

Airtechnical Expertise

Airtechnic Solutions consists of a small team of air technological experts with years of experience in the field. These specialists will, based on your production process, determine which possible solutions there are to solve your air technological problem and translate this into a system.


Depending on the nature of a project we cooperate with a network of companies that are engaged for e.g. construction of a project, execution of simulations or contribution of specific knowledge in the field of explosion or fire protection.

Customized solutions

We know that virtually every process is unique. The systems we design are therefore always tailored to your specific needs.