Centrifugal fans and blowers

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Airtechnic has been a well-known consultant and supplier of industrial centrifugal fans and blowers for dust extraction installations, flue gas cleaning processes, process air treatment and the processing of bulk good for decades.

Airtechnic Solutions has always focused on designing and improving air technological systems for industrial applications in the field of powder processing and process air treatment.

To actually establish the design or improvement in practice, we serve as a so-called EPC contractor and component air solutions supplier (centrifugal fans and blowers).

As a system integrator and system creator, we realize complete projects under our own control and deliver turn-key solutions, with a single point of contact for each project.


Centrifugal blowers & Exhausters

Multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are rotating machines used to increase the pressure of a gas, ambient air or gas mixture, by means of the centrifugal force transmitted by an electric motor.




Performance and life time

 performances are linked to the following characteristics: flow, differential pressure and power consumption. One of the main advantage is the lack of internal friction between the rotor and the body, as the shaft has only two contact points; the bearings. For this reason the expected lifetime of the machine can reach 40 years. The performances of the machine can be affected by external factors as, for instance, the deposit accumulation in the filter intake.

This problem can be avoided by following the correct maintenance instruction. Also the performance varies in accordance to the variation of the molecular weight of the gas treated, due for example to the temperature variation or the pressure at the machine intake.

Turbo Blowers

The Continental Industrie radial turbo compressors are modern flow machines for compression of large quantities of air or gas from 1,500 to 60,000 m3/h with pressure up to 2.5 barg. Thanks to the minimisation of the parts in contact and continuous control of working parameters, our compressors have high reliability
during operation.

The application of new techniques coming from spatial technology machining of the impeller blades ensures high compression efficiency (over 85%) and high general efficiency.

As a result for our constant concern to improve our performance and by investing a large part of our resources in research, Continental Industrie now presents a new high efficiency generation of between 1.000 to 65.000 m3/hr of a dry, clean, non pulsating air with pressures attaining 1,2 bar and vacuums up to 5500 mm H2O (WG).


Centrifugal fans

Fan dust

Integrated in industrial processes, the centrifugal and axial fans of Airtechnic are designed to operate in many environments: 

  • Installed capacities Up to 150-200 m3/s, Up to 20,000 Pa, 0.75 to> 1000 kW
  • Operating temperatures: -50 °C to + 800 °C (other on request)
  • 39-impellor types – 20 standard impellor sizes
  • 6 Profiles of vanes – 26 Arrangements
  • Materials used: Carbon steels, medium and high yield strength Stainless steels AISI 304L, 316L, 316Ti, 904L, 2205, … Aluminum, Titanium Special alloys: Hastelloy, Inconel.