Air Filtration Systems

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Removal of dust, gases and vapours requires specialist knowledge to be able to design the proper purification system. Based on your specific needs, we create a tailor-made solution for cleaning your process air (air filtration systems). To do this we can choose from a wide range of possible solutions, arising from our extensive experience in this field.

Airtechnic provides a wide range of dust collectors. For capacities up to 10,000 m³ per hour we offer dust collectors producuced by several partners. For larger capacities or very special applications we design dust collectors in-house. The basis of dust collectors designed by Airtechnic forms the oval shaped bag filters. The main advantage of oval-shaped filter elements opposed to the use of circular filter elements, is the compact construction, so less space in your facility is needed for installing the dust collector.

All dust collectors are characterized by their robustness, reliability, ease of use and long life time of the filter elements.

Designs for positive pressure and vacuum system.
For horizontal and vertical filter bags systems.

Entire proces
Airtechnic Solutions is responsible for the entire process from consulting and design to the completion of the final system.

In addition, we go beyond just providing a solution to the primary question. We advise our customers about energy consumption, safety, labour conditions and ease of use and implement solutions in these fields into our systems.

Customers also rely on our expertise for the supply of parts and components for powder and bulk processing systems and process air treatment.

Airtechnic Solutions is an internationally operating company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and the supply of tailor-made air technological systems for the industry.

We are specialists in providing integral solutions for air technological problems in the field of process air treatment and powder processing.
Already since 1985 we work for customers all over the
world in all industries.

Process air treatment
Air and gas purification
– multi-cyclones, cyclones
– baghouse and cartridge dust collectors
– wet scrubbers
– activated carbon filters
– positive ionisation dust collectors
– consultancy and engineering

Substances other than hydrocarbons are mostly captured by means of chemi-sorption. In that case, activated carbon is impregnated with chemicals and the molecules in the gas or vapour reacts with these chemicals and remain captured in the activated carbon.

Because dust distorts the functionality of activated carbon, it is necessary to place a dust filter in front of the activated carbon bed.

Activated carbon
For the purification of air streams containing odours or toxic gases and vapors, activated carbon filters are applied. The performance of activated carbon is based on the principle of adsorption and chemical sorption. In particular hydrocarbons (VOC’s) are trapped by adsorption. These molecules bind through vanderWaals forces to the activated carbon. The porous structure of activated carbon has a very large contact area and hence high gas adsorption capacity.

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